North Wasatch


There’s just one way to radically change your behavior: radically change your environment.
— Dr. B.J. Fogg, Director of Stanford Persuasive Lab

North Wasatch Recovery offers a safe, confidential, and on-site sober living environment for men and women who are in treatment, completing treatment, or transitioning back into the community. Our services are designed for those who are looking for a drug/alcohol free, crime-free, supportive and safe place to live. The facility is fully furnished, with a community kitchen, living space, and dining area.

Sober living provides a real life living environment to help those in early stages of their recovery avoid relapse during the most vulnerable time.  Our sober living environment helps residents remain sober while establishing their autonomy and learning to create a life beyond treatment.

Sober Living Highlights

  • Drug & Alcohol Free
  • Therapeutic Community
  • Case Management
  • Weekly & Random UA’s
  • 24-hour Program Support Staff
  • Structured Phase System
  • Fully furnished rooms & community spaces
  • Centrally located on a bus route
  • Picnic areas and other outside activity areas in quiet location
  • Approved with the Court System


Sober Living

One of the most important steps that you can take in your recovery is to surround yourself with caring, sympathetic and supportive environment. You can lead a healthy, happy, productive life after treatment. Our Sober Living Facility provides the environment that you need to recover, to shed the habits of addiction, and to build a new way of life.

North Wasatch’s sober living provides an important balance of freedom and structure for our residents. We encourage our residents to find work (we can be instrumental in your job search), and depending on your circumstances, you may have a car, cell phone and a computer.  Residents are required to actively participate in some type of recovery program, but nevertheless afforded the freedom necessary to manage your own schedule and reintegrate into life after treatment.



At North Wasatch, we’re not interested in providing our clients with a short-term fix . . . we provide longterm, lasting care.  And, when it’s time to play, we play hard.  Sitting in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, we are minutes from world-class hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing and fishing.  We know that the mountains and nature can play an important role in your recovery.  Those moments of peace and solitude can teach all of us that the power of recovery is within us.  Knowing that will free you to live in the moment and THAT is crucial to a lasting and successful recovery.