North Wasatch


Every situation is unique, just like every person is unique. That is why we offer treatment options that meet your needs as an individual.

North Wasatch provides a unique, innovative and revolutionary recovery program with an intentional, evidence-based approach for each of our clients. David did not slay Goliath by accident or out of pure luck. He did so because he was strategic, efficient, and utilized a new approach in combat. At North Wasatch, we employ a similar mindset when helping our clients conquer their addictions and disorders. We are not your traditional treatment facility recycling the same old recovery programs. Rather, we are strategic in our approach and intentional in our methods. We accompany our clients through their journey, from Day 1 through the entire process, and provide meaningful and impactful solutions at every step along the way.

Day Treatment

North Wasatch clients enjoy treatment options that allow them to maintain their jobs, lives and dignity. We understand that for many, residential recovery is not an option. It is for this reason we have created programs that allow you to meet your treatment needs as well as the freedom to maintain a productive life.

Day Treatment
Day Treatment

Intensive Outpatient

Maintaining a job is a vital part of re-entry into a normal life especially for those that find themselves at possibly the lowest point in their lives. Our IOP treatment option allows for our clients to meet on average from 4-8 times per week as determined by their individual assessments. Clients that are in our Intensive Outpatient Program have the option to live at home or in our Sober Living facility. However, our Intensive Outpatient Program demands a greater accountability to provide our clients greater support along the road to recovery.

General Outpatient

Our General Outpatient Program allows individuals who are seeking primary treatment to maintain their lives in a manner that gives them the support that they need in a minimally disruptive program. Clients in this program typically meet with their counselor one time per week.  Clients that are in our General Outpatient Program have the option to live at home or in our Sober Living facility.

Day Treatment


At North Wasatch, we’re not interested in providing our clients with a short-term fix . . . we provide longterm, lasting care.  And, when it’s time to play, we play hard.  Sitting in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, we are minutes from world-class hiking, biking, skiing, rock climbing and fishing.  We know that the mountains and nature can play an important role in your recovery.  Those moments of peace and solitude can teach all of us that the power of recovery is within us.  Knowing that will free you to live in the moment and THAT is crucial to a lasting and successful recovery.